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Animal Waste Cleanup - Steri-Clean® California

Steri-Clean California Has Over 25 Years Of Experience In The Cleanup, Treatment And Disposal Of Animal Waste. 

Though most of us are animal lovers, they can make messes that can be devastating to the health and wellbeing of homeowners and pets.  Even with the best intentions, some can get overwhelmed with the upkeep and care of animals.  Perhaps you had a bad tenant, an animal infestation, or had an animal with health issues. Animal waste can carry potentially risky pathogens, such as Escherichia Coli (E. Coli), Salmonella, Listeria, Tapeworm, Campylobacter, Hookworm, Roundworm, Giardiasis, and Parvovirus.  All of these can be contagious to both humans and other pets in the home.  Steri-Clean California is here for all your animal waste cleanup needs.

Steri-Clean California Cleans Cat Urine

Cat urine odor can be very overpowering, to say the least.  Cat urine odor can penetrate deep into the structure and the contents of a home. The strong, pungent odor can potentially cause ammonia sensitivities even in otherwise healthy individuals. People with respiratory and health issues are particularly vulnerable.  Steri-Clean California can provide cat urine cleanup and odor removal treatments to restore the safety of your home. 

Call Us Today For Expert Cat Urine Cleanup Services. 1-888-577-7206 

Steri-Clean California Cleans Animal Waste

Cleaning animal waste can be simple, or complex. Animal waste can seep into carpet, walls, flooring, sub-flooring, and even other cosmetic or structural components. This can cause extreme damage and an unhealthy environment for the tenants and pets in the home.  Steri-Clean California can provide a thorough on-site evaluation and provide you with a tailored specific approach to restore the functionality and safety of the home.

Call Us Today For Expert Animal Waste Cleanup Services. 1-888-577-7206 

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