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An unattended death is when an individual passes away and isn’t discovered immediately. Perhaps, they resided in a remote area, lived a reclusive life or didn't have loved ones nearby.  While decomposition sets in within hours, the body could remain undiscovered for weeks, if not months.  We understand this is heartbreaking for surviving family members and loved ones. You should never have to go through this alone.  Steri-Clean California services provide help in your time of need with care and compassion.   

As the human body decomposes, blood and bodily fluids become present.  The longer the body lay undiscovered, the probability of damage to the home becomes more severe.  These fluids penetrate all soft and porous content, such carpet, bedding, mattresses, etc.  The structure of the home may also be affected, like flooring, sub-floor, baseboards and walls.  Foul odor and flies usually accompany an unattended death. 

After decomposition sets in, you are often left with a terrible odor and potentially dangerous pathogens. This can make it unsafe for you to even enter the home, much less make plans for selling, renting, or continuing to live there if you desire.  Due to the severity of these scenes, it is never recommended that you try to clean up a decomposition or undiscovered death unless you are trained and have the means to legally dispose of medical waste with a licensed facility for treatment.  Steri-Clean California technicians will provide a thorough inspection and assessment of the property to determine the extent of the damage.   

Steri-Clean California uses state of the art equipment and proprietary cleaning agents and disinfectants to effectively remove and disinfect all sources from the death.  Decomposition cleanups require hospital grade cleaning products and often an odor treatment. Steri-Clean California offers a proven odor treatment to ensure there is no trace of biohazard or odor left in the home.


Steri-Clean California has been an industry leader in unattended death and decomposition clean up services since 1995.  Let Steri-Clean California give you peace of mind that the home has been properly remediated.  We partner directly with most homeowners' insurance companies and can provide a "Safe To Occupy" certificate. 

The California Law Regulating Trauma Scene Clean Up

In 1998, the California Congress passed the Trauma Scene Waste Act. This law states that only companies licensed by the State of California can legally clean trauma scenes. The law further states that regular cleaning companies, including janitors, maintenance workers or employees  cannot clean such scenes. In summary, this law defines how the scenes are to be cleaned as well as how trauma scene waste is handled and disposed of. 

* REFERENCE LINK: California Department of Public Health


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