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Steri-Clean® California has over 25 years of experience and expertise in providing efficient clean up of Tear Gas.

Tear Gas is a chemical agent that causes severe eye, respiratory and skin irritation.  Tear Gas is a small torpedo shaped canister fired by law enforcement to diffuse violent situations.  Though the canister is small, the damage is usually quite severe.  When the canister explodes, the chemical agent or powder disperses everywhere. 

A fine oily mist/powder, which looks like dust, covers everything. It must be removed from all areas of the home including walls, countertops, floors, and contents.  Tear Gas leaves pink, purple or yellow residue on walls and other surfaces where the canisters have exploded.  Often, the canisters will penetrate into walls and ceilings and will continue to off-gas unless removed.  Once the Tear Gas has penetrated into a wall, the affected area of the drywall may need to be removed.

The effects of Tear Gas will NOT dissipate over time unless professionally and properly remediated. Opening up windows and airing out the property will not help with the lasting effects and irritants caused by the presence of Tear Gas.  Steri-Clean California will conduct a thorough on-site assessment to create a personalized plan for treatment and disposal options. 

Steri-Clean California has developed proprietary processes and neutralizing agents to quickly and effectively restore your home. We will assist you in filing an insurance claim and help walk you through every step of the process! 

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