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Steri-Clean® California Is The Industry Leader For Cleaning Up Blood, Bodily Fluids And Other Potentially Dangerous Materials Since 1995.  

Biohazard remediation is about more than what meets the eye.  When there is blood or bodily fluids present from a trauma scene, dangerous pathogens and contagions present a real risk to everyone.  Steri-Clean California specializes in quick and discreet decontamination of these microorganisms.  

We pride ourselves as California's most trusted source for biohazard clean up and remediation.  Steri-Clean California clients includes: homeowners, businesses, schools, government and public agencies.  We have many trusted city, municipality and business contracts throughout California.

Our clients include: 

  • Hotels / Motels

  • Apartments

  • Commercial Property Management

  • Industrial Plants / Facilities

  • Hospitals

  • Police / Fire Departments

  • Insurance Companies

  • Fiduciaries

  • Restaurants

Steri-Clean California recognizes that every scene and every situation is unique.  We treat every client with respect, compassion and empathy.  Our technicians arrive in discreet vehicles at a moments notice 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  

Blood and bodily fluids can carry potentially dangerous pathogens and contagions.  Viruses and bacteria, like COVID-19, HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, are extremely contagious and can survive on affected surfaces for weeks, if not properly remediated.  

The Steri-Clean California biohazard remediation process involves state of the art, proprietary equipment, technology and processes. Our highly skilled technicians are throughly trained to clean, disinfect and remediate all affected areas. Pre and post testing can be performed to verify the scene is safe, and a "Safe To Occupy" certificate can be provided.

Biohazard Removal, Disinfection And Decontamination Services Include:

  • Crime Scenes

  • Suicides

  • Homicides

  • Trauma Accidents

  • Industrial Accidents

  • Blood 

  • Bodily Fluids

  • Infection Control

  • OPIM (other potentially infectious materials) 

  • Hoarding

  • Animal Waste

  • Human Waste

  • Gross Filth

  • Sewage Backups

  • and so much more

Unfortunately, extraordinary events can blindside you emotionally and financially. That’s why Steri-Clean California works with major insurance carriers, who may cover our services in part or in full. In some cases, you may not have to pay any out-of-pocket costs for biohazard clean up.

Let Steri-Clean California be the first step toward your healing process.

We recognize that this isn’t just a scene to be cleaned -- it’s your life.

The California Law Regulating Trauma Scene Clean Up

In 1998, the California Congress passed the Trauma Scene Waste Act. This law states that only companies licensed by the State of California can legally clean trauma scenes. The law further states that regular cleaning companies, including janitors, maintenance workers or employees  cannot clean such scenes. In summary, this law defines how the scenes are to be cleaned as well as how trauma scene waste is handled and disposed of. 

* REFERENCE LINK: California Department of Public Health

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