For over 25 years, Steri-Clean® California has provided immediate and complete odor elimination services. 


Let's face it.... odors are offensive! Not only do they just plain stink, but they can devalue homes, businesses and vehicles by as much as 35% or more.


Steri-Clean California has developed and curated a proprietary odor removal system which permanently removes ALL offensive organic odors.  We locate the source of the odor and utilize the same process to alter the odor causing molecules.  These treatments do not mask the smell, they completely remove them.  Our odor removal treatments destroy odor in HVAC systems, furniture, floors, and much more.  These treatments can be tailored to fit your specific goals.


Effective Odor Removal For:

  • Cigarettes

  • Marijuana

  • Decomposition

  • Cat Urine / Animal Waste

  • Rodent Waste

  • Gross Filth

  • Sewage Backup

  • Cigars / Pipes 

  • Mold

  • Mildew

  • Cooking Odors / Curry Spices

Our Clients Include: 

  • Homeowners

  • Renters

  • Automobile Buyers / Sellers

  • RV's

  • Dealerships

  • Insurance Companies

  • Hotels / Motels

  • AirBnB's

  • Property Management 

  • Gyms

Since 1995, Steri-Clean California has offered affordable solutions for immediate and permanent odor removal.   Our technicians are IICRC trained as odor specialists.  Our service is not only safe, but surprisingly cost-efficient for any type of odor remediation.  


We offer guaranteed "90-minute Odor Removal" on most standard vehicles!

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