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Suicide Cleanup | Steri-Clean® California 

Compassionate and caring suicide and death scene cleanup services 


For over 25 years, Steri-Clean® California has been the industry leader in providing caring, compassionate, discreet, and affordable suicide cleanup services. 

We understand how difficult and traumatic the sudden loss of a loved one can be.  Being distraught, confused, and in shock is normal.  Most of the time, people are not prepared on how to deal with the devastating scene of a suicide.   Steri-Clean California specializes in immediate, discreet help with the clean-up process in your greatest time of need.  Our skilled technicians are compassionate, non-judgmental, and make the clean-up process as painless as possible. 

Suicide can occur in a home, business, or automobile.  The police and coroner's office are only responsible for the investigation and removal of the deceased.  It can be confusing to know what to do next.  The property owner is ultimately responsible for restoring the affected areas.  Steri-Clean California can help guide you in the process.  We provide specialized proprietary clean-up services and use EPA registered, hospital-grade disinfectants for the clean-up of blood and bodily fluids.  Bloodborne pathogens are highly contagious and can live outside of the body for hours or even weeks. 

Steri-Clean® California Can Assist with Suicide Cleanup


Due to the severity of these scenes, large blood spills should only be cleaned up by a state-licensed crime scene clean-up company. ​It is never recommended that you try to clean up after a suicide unless you are properly trained and have the means to legally dispose of medical waste with a licensed facility for treatment.  

Steri-Clean California understands the urgency in the clean-up, removal, and disinfection after such a tragedy.  Let Steri-Clean California give you peace of mind that the home has been properly remediated.  We partner directly with most homeowners' insurance companies and can provide a "Safe To Occupy" certificate. 

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We offer immediate and discreet response times, day or night. 

The California Law Regulating Trauma Scene Clean Up

In 1998, the California Congress passed the Trauma Scene Waste Act. This law states that only companies licensed by the State of California can legally clean trauma scenes. The law further states that regular cleaning companies, including janitors, maintenance workers or employees cannot clean such scenes. In summary, this law defines how the scenes are to be cleaned as well as how trauma scene waste is handled and disposed of. 

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