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Hoarding & Clutter Cleanup Experts | Steri-Clean® California

Steri-Clean California specializes in assisting hoarders and their families to take on the daunting task of restoring their homes and lives.


Hoarding is not something openly talked about. It is often a person’s biggest secret.  Shame, embarrassment, and fear often lead an individual to live reclusively by cutting themselves off from friends, family, and loved ones.  It may be years since anyone has seen the condition of one's home.  Unfortunately, cases like these are not rare.  Steri-Clean California offers comfort, compassion, and understanding in every hoarding cleanup.



The mental health disorder, Hoarding, is a common symptom of depression caused by loss, personal tragedy, or pain. It is estimated to affect 5-7% of the population; approximately 19 million Americans.  Currently, researchers believe compulsive hoarding disorder affects 1 in every 50 people but impacts friends, family, loved ones, neighbors, etc.  Hoarding disorder is a behavioral pattern defined by a person's inability to let go of obviously useless items that have little to no monetary or true sentimental value. 

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The 5 Levels Of Hoarding:

Level 1 is very simple clutter and really doesn't affect the functionality of a home.  Most homes throughout the world can have this type of clutter at one time or another. 

Level 2 hoarding is when your horizontal surfaces like counter-tops, tables, window ledges, etc. are unusable. Functional areas of the home are still accessible and usable. 

Level 3 hoarding will typically have the perimeters of the room filled.  Closets and cupboards are filled and piles of clutter are encroaching on usable spaces. The functionality of many areas of the home is now becoming threatened. 

Level 4 hoarding will include clutter in all functional spaces. It now impedes the flow of traffic throughout the home and may have some rooms inaccessible. There are often rodents and insects living in the home.  Some necessary utilities and appliances may be non-functioning such as gas, electricity, plumbing, stoves, and refrigerators. Level 4 is considered a moderate to severe situation.

Level 5 hoarding is present when the house is completely full. There may be narrow pathways or no pathways at all. Typically, most rooms are filled floor to ceiling and are completely inaccessible. The ingress/egress into and out of the home is difficult or next to impossible.  Biohazards in the form of human and/or animal waste may be present.  Rodent and pest infestations are likely.  Both cosmetic and structural damage exists and gross filth is likely.  Level 5 is the most severe and dangerous.

We understand each client and every hoarding cleanup situation is unique. It may involve items stacked neatly, or with no organization at all. There may be pathways or filled rooms. There is no standard for a hoarded home. Hoarding cleanup situations may involve rotten food, animal carcasses, animal or human waste, and much more – all of which could be detrimental to your health.  The danger of fire hazards and or collapse, due to excessive clutter, can be fatal and is often overlooked as a priority for remediation. 


If any of the following are applicable, professional hoarding cleanup services

may be right for you: 

   • Unable to access doorways/fire exits. 

   • Unable to use appliances. 

   • Unable to heat/cool your home.

   • Unable to safely navigate through your home. 

   • Non-functioning bathrooms

   • Unable to provide a safe living environment for you, others, and pets

Our technicians are thoroughly trained to provide hoarding clean-up. We approach each situation with knowledge, expertise, and true compassion for those involved. 


We offer on-site assessments. We discuss our findings and work with you to create a customized plan to achieve your goals.  

Call California's Hoarding & Clutter Cleanup Experts 1-866-213-6004 


 We can assist you with the following and more: ​

   • Clutter Removal

   • Search And Recovery Of Items: paperwork, collectibles, valuables, etc.

   • Packing And Storing 

   • Organization

   • Deep Cleaning

   • Odor Removal

   • Distributing Donations


You can count on the experts at Steri-Clean California to help you through this process with care and compassion. We are here for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Give us a call today, and let Steri-Clean California restore your home and life.

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Hoarding Cleanup Before and After Photos

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