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Meth Lab Cleanup & Fentanyl Cleanup in California

The United States is in the middle the largest opioid crisis in our history. The crisis is so severe that it is the leading cause of death in many age groups! While there seems to be no end in sight, Steri-Clean wants to protect those that are being exposed indirectly from drug use, by properly cleaning and decontaminating the homes, cars, hotels, and businesses, and even public places that these drugs are being made and consumed.

Steri-Clean California has been been trained in all aspects of meth lab cleanup, Fentanyl cleanup, and marijuana grow house cleaning. Our services are often covered by homeowners, business/commercial, and auto insurance policies. In order to completely decontaminate these locations, it is often necessary to remove all contents, and focus solely on restoring the structure to a safe space and safe for occupancy.

To assure our cleaning is completely affective, Steri-Clean California will always hire a 3rd party company to perform pre and post testing to get numerous readings throughout the structure. Until every bit of the structure passes these test, we are not done.

If you need help or would like an estimate on meth lab cleanup, Fentanyl cleanup, drug residue cleanup or marijuana grow house cleanup, call the leader in the extreme cleaning field of 28 years at Steri-Clean California (888) 577-7206 now.

A bedroom with large plastic tubs and containers that were used in a meth lab and they still are covered in white residue from the meth manufacturing process
Containers and tubs used in this meth lab still contain dangerous chemicals that are dangerous to touch, and continue to off gas into the air

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